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Tobin Esperance

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[24 Aug 2002|09:38pm]
I have no clue where we are at. I slept too long and didn't notice where we at. I know the last place we were at is Vegas. Vegas was cool, we hung out, had fun and all that nice shit.

I've been trying to update since the last time I updated, but everytime I look at the screen, I go blank. So I never find anything interesting to update about, which sucks. So sorry if my update is boring the fuck outta you. You can go find your fuck somewhere else.

So this is my crappy update for today, I swear I'll get better at this.

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2nd update whoo [20 Aug 2002|04:19pm]
So we had the 18th & 19th off and now we're in Arizona. I spent the days off just being with Jenny and my little girl, which was exhusting but fun. I love two two more than anything.

I can't wait for the new single to hit the radio, it's a good song. The video is awsome too!

Dude, i'm like tired I can't really think of whatelse to put...there will be a better update from me later today.

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So yea [17 Aug 2002|03:22am]
Hey, I'm Tobin Esperance, ya know the bass player for Papa Roach. I decided to join jacobyshaddix_ and kellydick out here in LJ. I'm new at this, so I fuck up at something, eh oh well, it's late and I'm tired.


p.s. RoachLikeTobin and TobinsLikeARoach is in no way me, so If you have those s/ns on your buddy list, remove them and add LJ Tobin E.
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